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Where dust mites live?

Where dust mites live
House dust mites can be found everywhere in your house – in your clothes in the closet, in the carpeting, in your chairs and even in the bed. Below you’ll get known to different house dust mite habitats and also to what you can do to decrease their number in the certain infestation area.

Fully carpeted room is the ideal habitat and breeding ground for dust mites. According to some estimates, there may be up to 100,000 mites settling in every square yard area of your carpet. Managing house dust mite numbers in carpeted houses can be done by taking carpet away and changing it for hardwood or tile, if possible, or at least regular vacuuming. House dust mites are particularly very active in the carpeting in fall and late summer.

They also like to live in the upholstered furniture like the couches or sofas. The explanation for the couch being an attractive area for a high infestation level is easy – it’s commonly a high-traffic area: people usually eat there, pets lay on them, and the mites’ food (dead skin cells) will be in excess left behind from people who tend to sit or lay down on couches. All you can do in order to reduce the dust mites population in the areas where such couches or other upholstered furniture is located is to change the fabric upholstering to leather or wood (this generally works with the furniture without a lot of padding). Also consider having as little furniture as possible in the potentially high infestation areas.

Smooth Surfaces
House dust mites live everywhere, even on the smooth surfaces. Besides house dust mites, your house dust usually contains substances like mold spores, cigarette ash, and cockroach waste-products which can also cause allergies. In order to manage dust mite populations in the smooth surfaces area, it needs to be damp dusted regularly. Another perfect breeding ground for the mites is cluttered surfaces, so try to keep smooth surfaces like your desk uncluttered, and clean it regularly to prevent the concentration of substances that cause allergy.

The typical beds might be the 2nd best habitat for house dust mites, so give much attention to providing low infestation level in that area. Up to ten million house dust mites may populate your bed, but you are able to reduce this numbers.
The easiest and cheapest way to manage the dust mite populations is vacuuming your mattress set and the bed base. If you are looking for less maintenance, you can buy dust-proof mattress covers.

Bed Linens
During one-third of your life when you sleep, your skin constantly sheds, which leaves dust mites more than they can eat. If you put fitted sheets on the bed, it will help indirectly reduce the mites number, because this way you will reduce the concentration of skin scales. Hot washing the linen on a weekly basis will kill them as well, and it is recommended to use or place blankets from non-synthetic materials on the bed.

Pillowcases should be given the same attention as all the bed linens. They should be washed every week in hot water in order to kill house dust mites living inside them. Use pillows with cotton or synthetic filling materials rather than with feathers. You can enclose your pillows into allergen-impermeable covers, but they can only be found at speciality shops. You can also remove the pillowcase from the pillow and from time to time shake it in order to get rid of accumulated skin scales.

It’s impossible to eliminate house dust mites from the house, but you are able to keep their population low.

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