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What You Should Know About Bedbugs

Bed bugs picturesWhat You Should Know About Bedbugs
Bedroom is a place for relaxation, rest and of course healthy sleep. No one wants to have parasites in bed that can leave painful bites and cause allergies. The fact of presence of parasites in your bed is really discomfortable, even if they are not harmful. Bedbugs are one of such invisible bad inhabitants.

Bedbugs: What Are They?
Bedbugs are insect parasites that are fed on human or animal blood. These are nesting parasites that live and multiply in the nests of their hosts. Being tiny in size, bedbugs are almost invisible to human eye and it is difficult to detect their presence until they bite. The scientific name of bedbugs is “cimex lectularius”.

What Problems Can Bedbugs Bring?
Bedbugs are mostly not harmful for human organism. But taking into account the discomfort caused by their presence, as well as bites and reactions on them, such as itching and skin irritation, bedbugs are not desirable companions in bad. Bedbugs don’t transmit any human infections or bacteria that can cause various diseases. Nevertheless researchers found that bedbugs provide with about 28 disease pathogens. They don’t infect people, but this fact doesn’t mean that it is OK if bedbugs stay in your bad. Living there, they produce lots of excrements that are collected in bed. They also can bring dirt and different matters form the outside.

Bedbugs’ Appearance
Adult individuals are about 5-7 mm in length, their oval body has explanate shape. The width is usually little less than length, or just the same. The bedbug eggs are very hard to detect because they are tiny, 1 mm long white colored balls that almost invisible on the surface. Nymphs or young bedbugs are almost transparent, not much bigger in size than eggs. As a rule it is easier to detect them after they’ve had a meal, because their transparency is changed on brown or dark red color – a food that came inside makes them more visible.

These insects have great adaptability to any environment. They have no wings, but can easily travel around both horizontal and vertical surfaces, moving rather fast. According to this try to hold your bed on a little distance from the walls, and watch the blankets not to touch the floor. The peak of bedbugs activity is the night time, when people are usually sleeping. During this time they can easily get what they want biting sleeping people and stay unnoticed.

Protection from Bedbugs
The most important warning in fight against bedbugs is avoiding using various chemicals in places and objects that directly contact with people. Various pesticides or insecticides that are not approved for using at home against bedbugs are strongly undesirable due to the risk of poisoning.
Most of pesticides available on the market are not effective in fight against bedbugs, some of them can only stimulate them to find new places for nesting and cause rapid growth of distribution area. The best way to select appropriate chemicals is to consult a competent specialist that will help to find the best poison targeted specifically at bedbugs.

Also you can use preventive measures like frequent washing your clothes and bedding at high temperatures (as high as possible) – bedbugs are sensitive to temperature and can’t stand heat, most of them will be destroyed. You can remove bedbugs from your bed by putting your mattress in special plastic covering. Once used it blocks their way to food, so in some time bedbugs living in the mattress will die out.

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