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True and False About Dust Mites

Dust mites are one of the smallest creatures living in our households, there are no limits for their area of distribution, and the only requirement is warmth and enough food available for them. These parasites are not fastidious and very applicable to the surrounding environment that makes fighting against them rather difficult. However there are a lot of myths about dust mites without any scientific ground. The following information will help to find out the correctness of generally known facts about these insects. Maybe after reading this article you will revise your attitude to the house furniture and bedroom!

True facts

1 – 2 years old pillow contains hundreds of thousands of dead and alive mites, whose general weight is about 10% of pillow weight. Average bed can hold more than 10 million mites and up to 2.5 billion excrements.

2 – The average life span for dust mites is about three months. This species belongs to arachnid family (spiders). Dust mite is ten times thinner than human hair.

3 – Dust mites prefer soft environment, like upholstered furniture, pillows, mattresses and blankets. They avoid hard surfaces.

4 – Many cases of dust allergy is caused by dust mites, but not actually a dust. Frequent and thorough house cleaning can help to reduce the number of mites inside the house and relief the symptoms of allergy.

5 – One gram of dust is enough to maintain more than 1000 mites.

6 – One of the most effective measures to rid your house of dust mites is to use high-temperature cleaning procedures regularly.


1 – Dust mites can sting.

It is the most widespread myth about dust mites. These insects can’t sting, because they eat only dead skin flakes. If you found a rash on your body skin, this is definitely not the dust mites’ bites. This can be caused by other insects or simply allergic reaction.

2 – Direct sunlight is fatal for dust mites.

Indeed, dust mites don’t like to stay on bright sunlight. They usually hide from it deep in the soft materials. When it becomes dimmer, they appear on the surfaces again.

3 – It is possible to remove dust mites from the mattress by vacuum cleaner.

Using vacuuming you can remove only those mites that stay on the surface. Those that sitting deeper (and they are in majority) is impossible to take away by vacuuming.

4 – If to wash pillows and other bedding, dust mites may disappear.

Regular washing indeed reduces the number of dust mites in your bed, but mites can swim and many of them can stand washing procedure. Also dust mites can be found in other places of the house, so most probably they will come to bed again and again.

5 – There are no mites in my house.

Dust mites live everywhere in the world, where they can find furniture, soft surfaces and human waste products. No matter how often you clean your house, dust mites can be present in different concentrations, but they always present in people’s houses. It is an imprescriptible side-effect of our comfortable way of living with lots of furniture and carpets.

6 – I see them to the naked eye!

It is fully impossible due to microscopic sizes of these insects. Dust mites are invisible for human eye. If you think there are too many dust mites in your house, try to clean the rooms regularly with high-temperature water and vacuum cleaner. Avoid dust accumulation.

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