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Removing house dust mites from pillows, dust mites

Dust mites pillowsHouse dust mites are tiny organisms burrowing into the linen that is usually used daily. They feed on dead skin cells from people and animals, and can be usually found in blankets, mattresses and your favorite pillows. They are usually invisible unless creating a serious infestation. The first signs of house dust mites living in your bed are tiny blood spots seen on the mattress cover, or probably on the linen, in case of infestation is severe.

To remove dust mites from feather pillows you will need two or three tennis balls, vacuum cleaner having detachable or upholstery hose, dust mite pillow cover, washer and dryer.

1. Hot wash the pillows in wash-and-rinse cycles in your washing machine. This procedure can kill the main part of the mites and rinse away the major part of their droppings.

2. After washing put your pillows into the dryer with 2 or 3 tennis balls – they will help fluff the feathers in the pillows during the process of drying. It is recommended to dry the pillows in a hot regime, because some dust mites could have survived after washing.

3. After drying turn on the vacuum cleaner and completely vacuum the pillow exterior using an upholstery hose. Vacuuming will help to finally suck out all the remaining house dust mites. Also a good idea is to vacuum your bed and the place around it in order to remove the dust mites thriving in your carpeting and mattress.

4. Finally, unzip the dust mite pillow cover and enclose your feather pillow in it. Zip the cover back and put it back on the bed.

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    Hi. Thanks for this – I’ve been busy searching for solutions to removing dustmites from my pillows. Your 4 point plan looks good and clear, now to get started!

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