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Managing house dust mites

If you are a homeowner having a history of allergies, house dust mites may pose a great health concern to you. It’s impossible to completely eliminate the mites, but managing their population can decrease your risk of suffering from the health troubles that are associated with the dust mites. Below are the descriptions of measures that you can take in order to manage their population in your house.

During the night, house dust mites lurk in your bed sheets and mattress. There are several methods aimed at reducing their population in the linen and bedding. The easiest solution to manage it is to wash all your bedding, including sheets, bed covers and blankets, at least once a week at the “Hot” setting in your washing machine.

Consider replacing your pillows with feather and down filling with those having synthetic material. As an alternative, you can replace the usual pillow cover with the special barrier dust-proof zippered one.

As it was mentioned above, washing blankets alongside with the rest of your bedding every week will help manage dust mites in the bed. A good idea is also to change wool blankets for nylon or cotton ones.

One of the best ways to manage house dust mites is to do damp dusting of the plastic mattress cover placed on the bed. As an alternative, you can buy special dust-proof zipped covers for your mattress. The study also reveals that if you put fitted-sheets on your mattress, it will help reduce the concentration of skin scales over there. So using fitted-sheets is considered a low-cost alternative to buying dust-proof mattress covers.

Flooring and Carpeting
The major breeding ground for the house dust mites is of course carpeting. Potentially there can be tens of thousands of the mites living in every square yard of your carpet! The carpeted areas of your house are recommended to be vacuumed on a regular basis using a vacuum with a HEPA filter, which as able to remove 99.7% of the airborne particles of the size 0.3 micrometers or bigger. A more categorical approach to fighting house dust mites is replacing the carpeting with vinyl flooring.

House dust mites feel comfortable in very humid conditions, but that’s what you are able to control with air conditioners and de-humidifiers. The researchers suggest using air filtration system, particularly those having HEPA filters in order to remove the dust mite allergen from the air.

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