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Fighting the Dust Mites with Spray, house dust mite spray

Dust mites sprayHome dust mites are very little arthropods on eight legs that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Every gram of house dust contains up to a hundred thousand mites. The common home dust mites differ from any other types of mites, as they do not bite. How do they survive? By eating dander shed from the human and animal skin. The trouble is that dust mites can cause lots of people health problems, as many humans are allergic to the mites’ droppings. It doesn’t matter whether the home mite is alive or dead – once their excretions and sloughed off skin go airborne, they may lead to some health-related conditions. Fortunately, you can control the dust mites’ effects using dust mite spray.

If you are allergic to the mites’ droppings, it can cause you allergic rhinitis or asthma attack, with symptoms of the latter being difficulty breathing, wheezing and coughing. As for allergic rhinitis, it can cause sinuses and an inflamed, swollen nose, with the symptoms including watery itchy eyes, sinus headaches, a runny nose, coughs and sneezing. Unluckily, for the person allergic to dust mites, the reaction becomes stronger with every case of exposure to mites. This means you should make every effort in order to eliminate or at least limit the exposure, using usual methods and, if needed, the house dust mite spray.

The safest way of keeping dust mites out of the house is to keep your home clean. Since the dust mites like living in carpets, bedding, clothing and upholstered furniture, you can lower the infestation chances by regular laundering and vacuuming. As the mites also propagate in very humid places, running dehumidifier or an air filter can also help decrease the dust mites’ impact.

Besides usual cleanliness, you can find helpful to use a house dust mite spray, which is able to reduce or even eliminate lots of dust mites. There’re different types of mite spray, one containing natural ingredients, while others being of the chemical insecticide sorts. Another successful method is steam cleaning, as furniture and mattresses may be treated and the steam heat is able to kill off developing colonies of house dust mites. Although using a pump sprayer with mite spray in a fine mist is usually very effective, sometimes regular applications of spray might be necessary. Finally, you may try laundering clothing with custom anti-allergen detergent, as this can be very helpful to people extremely sensitive to home dust mites.

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