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Dust mite bites, Dust mite bites prophylaxis

Dust mite bites

Dust mite bites

What do you do when dust mite bites?

1. If dust mite bites you should do not panic, do not try to shake your hand or pull the mite it can cause it to rupture with part of the mite (head) will remain in the skin and pull it out to be extremely problematic.

2. Do not hesitate it is very important wen dust mite bites. The longer the bite is, the greater the chance of contracting a number of serious diseases. Carefully inspect the dust mite bite, and immediately proceed to the extraction of the parasite.

3. If dust mite bites you should drip oil on the place where the mite dwelt. I must say that there is another very common myth that if you pour the tick with oil, it will not breathe and it will come out by himself. It is not so – the mite dies but remains under the skin. Oil is needed for another purpose it will loosen the skin making it easier to pull out the tick.

4. Take a pair of tweezers hold the head of the mite (namely the head, the body does not touch him clutching the body you can squeeze out the interior of the parasite in the wound). Then, gently tugging not, begin to rotate counter-clockwise pair of tweezers if you did everything correctly, after a few revolutions tick is fully removed.

5. Wipe the dust mite bite with alcohol or tincture of iodine.

Dust mite bites prophylaxis

Do not dispose of the tick if it dust mite bite you it should be given to a laboratory for analysis. They will tell you whether or not to be afraid of the encephalitis. For the prevention of encephalitis which you can get after dust mite bites you should put an injection of immunoglobulin. This drug will greatly reduce the risk of infection after dust mite bites, but it is not available in all hospitals to the same immunoglobulin is quite expensive and not everyone can afford it.

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