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Dust mite allergy, What is home dust?

House dust mite allergy is a sort of allergy to a tiny creature living in the home dust which can be found in all houses and workplaces. They are probably the most common reason for perennial allergic rhinitis. House dust mite allergy commonly shows the symptoms that are similar to pollen allergy. It can also awake the symptoms of asthma.

What is home dust?
So-called home dust is not a single substance, as you might have thought. Instead, it’s a varied mixture of a great number of potentially allergenic components. There might be found dander from your pets; fibers from various fabrics; stuffing materials like cotton lint or feathers; in damp areas – usually mold and fungus spores; bacteria; bits of plants and insects; food particles and many other allergens depending on the individual house.

Another component of a home dust is tiny mites. House dust mites, usually living in the bedding, carpeting and upholstered furniture, thrive during the warm season and die in the cold one. However, in a warm and damp home they may keep thriving even in winter. Those particles that you can see magically floating in a shaft of sunlight contain dead house dust mites and their droppings. It’s precisely their droppings, which are proteins, that in fact cause the allergic reaction.

The droppings of cockroaches can also be an important factor in provoking allergy symptoms from house allergens, especially in some US urban areas.

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