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Allersearch ADMS Anti-Allergen Dust Mite Spray (32 oz.) reviews

Allersearch ADMS Product Description

If you want to get rid of any household allergens that may irritate your organism, Allersearch ADMS is your must-have product. It is effective for such allergens as waste products produces by dust mites, mildew, pets, pollen, etc. One use of Allersearch ADMS provides 30-days protection. Thanks to natural ingredients and the formula that doesn’t leave stains, this allergen neutralizer is completely safe for using at home. It doesn’t contain tannic acid and other dangerous chemicals like benzyl benzoate. It is very easy to apply it on any surfaces, all you need is to spray it directly on the place you need to clean. This can be carpets, floors, mattresses, furniture, etc.

This is highly effective non-staining alternative to Allersearch ADS. One spray is enough to cover about 600 sq.ft. of area. Its pump spray bottle is handy in use and very precise in the liquid dispersion. Allersearch ADMS is fully safe for people and pets, it is environment friendly solution for removing allergens from home.

Allersearch ADMS Anti-Allergen Dust Mite Spray review

Allersearch ADMS Anti-Allergen Dust Mite Spray review

Product Features:

  • Handy pump spray bottle 32 oz
  • Suitable for all water-safe surfaces
  • Enough for 600 sq. ft. surface area
  • Leaves no stains on the surfaces it is applied on
  • Inorganic spray liquid neutralizes allergen on contact
  • Free of benzyl benzoate and tannic acid
  • 30-days protection after spray application
  • Fully safe for people, animals and the environment

Customer Reviews

The house is always fool of invisible ‘enemies’ that cause various allergic problems to my health. My family also struggles from them, so I decided to get rid of all inhabitants I don’t want to see in my house. When I was ordering Allersearch ADMS I thought it may help, but I was not sure it is effective for a month, as it was said in the product description. Before applying it on my bed, I felt often itching at night due to dust mites. I just knew they were there. After I sprayed Allersearch ADMS, they completely disappeared from my life for approximately a month. When I felt they came back together with my itching, I just reused the spray and forgot about them for a month more. Now I can say definitely that it works fine, and I will use it again and again. The price is fully fair for such effectiveness! (Maria Torres)

I was diagnosed asthma and was looking for a ways how to relief my condition maximally. I decided to clean my furniture and carpets from dust mites with the help of Allersearch ADMS. I wasn’t mistaken in my choice – it really helped. I just sprayed the aerosol on my mattresses, furniture and carpets and was surprised as the annoying itching disappeared and I even better with my breathing. This was exactly what I was looking for! (Kylie Taylor)

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