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About DustMitesPedia, about my blog

This is Mark Pinel who’s blogging the information regarding dust mites. This problem is important for any of us, as dust mites live everywhere and impact our health. I decided to report the medical aspects of dust mites’ influence to a wide audience, watching how many people struggle from different disorders and have no idea that they were caused by mites.

I am a practicing allergist, living in Marseille (France). A lot of my work is dedicated to studying dust mites and treatment for various allergic reactions caused by these tiny invisible parasites. English is not my native language and I want to apologize for my spelling mistakes. I just wanted to bring my knowledge to you and hope that my language drawbacks will not prevent you from understanding my materials.

I have more than ten years of medical experience and came to conclusion that there is no another parasites that act as aggressively as dust mites do. It is almost impossible to prevent home or office from their existence. Their excrements, while not causing direct disorders, can make human skin more vulnerable for various allergens and irritators. Sometimes it is the main reason of such widespread diseases as asthma, eczema, allergic rhinitis, etc. Dust mites produce organic matters that make mucous membranes more open for other allergens.

Currently about 50% of houses are occupied by mites. Bad ecological situation, stresses impacted our immune system. That is why we became more sensitive to various threats, including dust mites. I clearly see the growth of this tendency and would like to help even those who can’t visit me in my clinic. The modern medicine has a lot of diagnostic facilities to define the action of mites and remove their impact on your health. While most of you think that the problem can be solved only by medical treatment, there are a lot of preventive non-drug measures that will minimize the risk of diseases caused by mites. All we need is to know them and follow in everyday lifestyle.
All this and a lot more will be described here, in my blog about dust mites’ problem. As a doctor, I will try to post materials that already were checked and whose effect was proved by my patients. Everything you can find here is totally safe for your health.

If there are any questions that you can’t discuss publicly, please ask me and I will try to give helpful recommendations to you.

Enjoy my blog! )

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